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Macpherson, R.J.S.(2011). Professional qualities of education leaders, formerly The professionalism and professionalization of education leaders, Leadership and Professional Development Issue, New Zealand Education Review Series, 2(3), 30-32.
Published: 2011-07-01
Posted: 2011-09-07
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This short article summaries the findings of the National Review of the Preparation and Succession of Educational Leaders in New Zealand/ Aotearoa, 2008-2009. The Review surveyed a range of stakeholders to demonstrate that current provisions are not meeting the needs of neophyte or practicing principals in primary and secondary schools and fall well short of what practitioners are provided in other countries. It points to the preparatory and succession strategies suited to New Zealand conditions, how a new peak professional association could assist and identifies five acute problems in tertiary educational leadership programmes. It concludes that the inadequacy of professionalization in educational leadership warrants ministerial intervention.